5 Reasons to Buy a Volvo XC40

The Volvo XC40 proves that great things do come in small packages.

Traditionally, this Swedish automaker was known for building boxy-looking vehicles and being laser-focused on safety. But today, Volvo is famed for its subtle designs, elegant interiors, and innovative drivetrain technology, all of which is found in their smallest crossover.

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The XC40 is one of the most delightful premium compact crossovers available today. It feels upscale in a way rival models typically don’t. It also offers loads of technology and is motivated by dynamite drivetrains. Here are five reasons you might want to consider this small, funky CUV.

One of the XC40’s most appealing attributes is its luxurious interior. The cabin looks elegant and is made of high-quality materials. The dashboard, for instance, is comprised of squishy, low-sheen plastic, an expanse punctuated by slit-like air vents trimmed with semi-gloss metallic accents. The door panels are likewise soft and dressed up with a carpet-like material that’s a bit funky but still upscale. There are also plenty of clever storage solutions and even a removable trash bin in the armrest. If you want, you can even get a crystal gear selector to really class it up in there.

Despite its pint-sized dimensions, the XC40 is spacious and comfortable. Maximum cargo capacity with the seats folded down clocks in at just shy of 58 cubic feet, a good bit more than you get in rival crossovers like the BMW X2 or Lexus NX.

For years, Volvo has been known for offering incredibly comfortable seats and this crossover continues that tradition. The XC40’s front buckets are plush yet supportive in all the right places. They’re easily all-day comfortable, something that can’t be said about many seats these days. Keeping passengers happy, the back bench is reasonably spacious and ergonomic, though a touch more legroom would be nice.

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